Add -noverify to default jvmargs

(Ben Manes) #1

Currently Gradle has reasonable, conservative defaults. Using the default settings, my project takes 17 minutes to complete. By including -noverify it reduced to 14m26s, a 18% speedup. I don’t think that class verification should be required, as the security protection is not useful during a build. The proposal is that the common-case includes this setting, and users who require verification must change the jvmargs.

(Luke Daley) #2

Interesting idea. Will raise with the other developers.

(Hans Dockter) #3

Hi Benjamin,

we have significant performance improvements in the upcoming 2.4 release. I have two questions:

  1. We are very interested in the effect it has on your build. 1. I’m interested if your above modification has a similar effect with 2.4.

Any recent nightly should work: