Add convenience arguments to manage daemons

(andrew.oberstar) #1

I’ve been using the daemon almost exclusively for the last month or so, and think it would be nice to have some more options for managing the daemons that are spun up.

gradle --stop is a nice feature, but it only stops the daemon that would have been used by your build. A couple additional options that might be nice:

–stop-all - stops all daemon processes for the current user --stop-all [minutes] - stop all daemons idle for longer than [minutes] --prune - ensure that only one daemon is active per configuration (i.e. JVM/gradle combo) --list-daemons - list all active daemons, with their configuration and PID

It sounds like there are additional daemon management properties on the way, for managing idle times/etc., but it would still be nice to have some ad-hoc control over them.

(Szczepan Faber) #2

Good ideas. I want to have more advanced capabilities in managing daemons in future. It’s just unavoidable if we go full scale with the daemons.

Glad you’re using the daemon :slight_smile: