Add a specific version of project facet in eclipse with gradle

I am using gradle in eclipse and i want to add some existing project facet to a project.

I am using “eclipse-wtp” (apply plugin: ‘eclipse-wtp’) and wrote something like this:

eclipse {
  wtp {
    facet {
      facet name: 'CXF 2.x Web Services', version: '1.0'
      facet name: 'Dynamic Web Module', version: '3.0'
      facet name: 'Java', version: '1.7'
      facet name: 'JavaScript', version: '1.0'

But when i go the the projects facets view i see that it does not use the facets i stated, but adds a duplicate for each of the project facets and states that there is no implementation for them.

If i don`t state what facets and versions i want, default facets are used with default versions.

What am i doing wrong? is there an other way to state the version of the facet i want to use?