Accessing values in settings.gradle.kts

I am trying to access a property defined in the file within my setting.gradle.kts file. For a non kotlin buils script this is easy to do:
pluginManagement {
maven {
URL = uri(mavenrepo)

This works for a non kotlin settings.gradle file but I don’t know how to do this when using settings.gradle.kts. if I want to to access the property in build.gradle.kts I can do that with
value mavenrepo: String by project

but that does not work in settings.gradle.kts

Hello you can access gradle properties using this syntax in settings.gradle.kts:

Thanks @drichter . I actually ended up using this syntax

val mavenrepo: String by settings

Any idea how to get a property with the Kotlin DSL syntax, if it’s not a valid a JVM identifier. e.g.
val `a.b.c`: String by settings is invalid. I made extra["a.b.c"].toString() work for now, but it’s strange compared to other code in gradle.kts.