About how to transfer a web contents file from GitLab to Artifactory remote repository

I haven’t had much experience with Gradle build, but I’d like to hurry up and find out about following:

Run a Gradle build JOB from Jenkins,

I want to transfer the Web system’s static content files in GitLab to the Artifactory repository.
(After building the Spring Boot program with Gradle Build, I want to transfer the whole directory where the static content files are placed to Artifactory as it is).

I would like to know if there is a general standard method.

For the time being, I tried the following by build.gradle file, and it was able to transfer only one file to Artifactory.
However, it is not possible to transfer the entire directory even if I use “fileTree()” not “file()”.
Also, I would like to know if this is the standard in the first place.

<<< build.grade file >>>

Apply plugin: ‘maven’

: (*snip)

def someFiles = file(’${project.projectDir}/static/html/tmp.html’)

artifacts {
  archives someFile

uploadArchives {
   repositories {
     mavenDeployer {
       repository(url: [http:///artifactory/maven-remote-repository]


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