A subproject in my multi-project build is not recognized

I have 2 subprojects and their respective gradle files defined in the settings.gradle file like this:

include ‘loadRemote’
include ‘load’
rootProject.name = ‘EquipLoad’

project(’:loadRemote’).buildFileName = ‘buildRemote.gradle’
project(’:load’).buildFileName = ‘buildLoad.gradle’

The subprojects are in their own folder with their build.gradle files and the ant build script they need
Load >> build.xml
>> buildLoad.gradle
LoadRemote >> build-remote.xml
>> buildRemote.gradle
The parent gradle file has a simple ‘hello’ task defined in each subproject

subprojects {
task hello {
doLast { task ->
println “Hello in the main build script for $task.project.name”

The ‘hello’ task is in each gradle file in the subproject:
hello.doLast {
println “- The load task defined as hello.”
hello.doLast {
println “- The remote load task defined as hello.”

When I run the hello task from the command line:

gradle -q hello

I get this output:

Hello in the main build script for load

  • The load task defined as hello.

Why isn’t the RemoteLoad task running?