A Gentler Learning Curve

Just to document a suggestion I made in person at JavaOne:

Being a newbie, I often struggle with creating the wiring necessary for writing and automated testing custom plugins. It’s a big leap for a not-so-smart guy like me to go from Java/Ant/Ivy to Groovy/DSL/Gradle.

One idea that would help is the creation of builders for common tasks such as defining a module’s configurations, dependencies, & artifacts. I’m sure you have many better ones.

Let me throw out another idea that might be unpopular: Provide more APIs and examples in pure Java. I think you might find more adopters if the learning curve didn’t appear to be so steep. Sometimes, Groovy is the only way you can do some things. However, I constantly find myself being tripped up having to learn Groovy at the same time as Gradle. If I could just learn one thing at a time, that would have been better. It’d be great if the adoption curve had a roadmap with examples & APIs that were initially Java based with a few necessary Groovy closures and let people discover the more elegant solutions later on.

I like the idea of demonstrating plugin development in pure java. This was an issue in my company too and convincing pure old java devs (so called pojds) of gradle is much easier this way. let’s see what we can do.