7.5 rc1

The Gradle team is excited to announce Gradle 7.5-rc-1.

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Why the unusually long wait for either a release or RC-2 ?

Btw, It feels like consecutive builds are slower - taking more time than usual to initialize. Like the Gradle daemon isn’t caching or skipping things that it used to in the initialization phase for subsequent builds.
My build is taking 20+s in the initialization phase. If I re-run it immediately less than 1s. If I wait 30s then it’s back to 20s for initialization (the daemon is still running). This is with no changes at all between runs.

Is this an official build or daily build ?
Why do we have rc1 and not other default conventions

RCs builds are official release candidate builds, not dailies.
There are usually around 2 - 5 RC releases before a final release is pushed out.
What do you mean with “other default conventions”?