Windows 7 (64 bit) Extract All.. stalls for minutes

(tchurchill) #1

Right clicked on resulted in: Extract compressed (zipped) folders (not responding) on windows 7 After some minutes starts to do the extract estimating, at the time of writing, to take 21 minutes (and rising). Gave up.

Used and it took 6 seconds.

It may be prudent to re-compress this version so that (sensitive) Windows decompression will not stall this way.

Thought you should know.


Tony Churchill

(Luke Daley) #2

Hi Tony,

What is the ‘’ you are referring to?

(tchurchill) #3


I should have written, 7-zip. It is a more versatile compression tool than the Windows default. The web site is:

I have seen warnings, normally related to Java - platform independent compressed files, that sometimes Windows will not decompress the file and to use 7-zip instead.

I thought you should know as it may put some potential users off.