Where the version number gets parsed

My new DM system took a sharp left turn today, seems downloading one version isn’t enough, i have to download the last 5 plus whatever we have in our exceptions list. This question is very simple.

When you type in the version for a module, say 1.+ or 1.0.1 or +, is that something thats parsed into major/minor versions by Gradle or do you send the string to the maven libraries and let maven figure it out? Since i cant find a parser, i THINK you send it to maven, but the api is so abstracted out i keep getting lost and can’t find it.

Reason is obvious, once i pull down the maven-metadata.xml, i need to apply these wildcards to generate hard version numbers. So 1.+ i need converted to 1.0.1-FINAL so i can add them to my download configuration with hard version numbers instead of wild cards to ensure im getting exactly what i want. I just can’t tell where that gets parsed