What will the multi project build architecture be in gradle 1.0?

I remember talking (irc?) with Hans a few months back and he mentioned that there would be changes to how multi project builds are set up in the 1.0 release. Specifically he mentioned streamlining how plugins could be used when comparing settings.gradle to build.gradle.

I have a fairly complex plugin which mirrors an existing third party project hierarchy by doing on-the-fly creation of gradle projects into a gradle multi-project-build. This works fine now, but I would be very interested in the potential changes to the multi project build architecture. Are there changes like this still planned? If so what would the implication be and what release should I expect them in?

For the Gradle 1.0 release, we’re not planning to make any changes to the way multi-project builds work. So anything in that area would happen after 1.0. It would also almost certainly be backwards compatible.

Thank you for the fast reply. That answers my question.

I was not so much worried about breaking backwards compatibility as excited about the kind of changes and improvements to multi-project-build architecture that were mentioned.