What is the best way to create a project so that it copies it's files over a default set?

I am trying to design a multiproject build so that there is a master project, let’s call it ‘core’, which contains java classes and a webapp directory. I want to be able to build from another project that depends on core has it’s own set of java files and has a webapp directory where any files by the same name override the ones in core. I was hoping some generous gradler here might provide some feedback on the best way to do this. Here is what I had in mind:

/modules --/core ------build.gradle --/moduleB //maybe another module optionally included in the future /Projects --/projectA ----setting.gradle //sets the project root to be up 2 directories and describes the project as core, projectA ----build.gradle

Is there a better way or does this make sense? Thanks in advance for your help.