User Guide says sample code available in binary distribution of Gradle, but code not present (in 2.2.1)

Section 59.5 of the User Guide has a note:

Note: The code for this example can be found at samples/customPlugin/plugin which is in both the binary and source distributions of Gradle.

I have the binary distribution of 2.2.1, and there’s no samples folder. In an old release I still have, 1.10, there is such a directory, so I suspect it was removed from the binary release at some point.

Hi, the ‘bin’ distribution doesn’t contain these docs, but the ‘all’ distribution does.

I’ve checked and the 1.10 ‘bin’ distribution doesn’t have the samples, so you must have grabbed the ‘all’ distribution there.

Yep, it’s definitely possible I got the ‘all’ release; that was some time back and I can’t remember for sure.

Should the note in the guide just be updated to remove the part about samples being in the binary distribution? Obviously, it’s a small thing, but made me think something was missing.

Fixed the docs.
Thanks for pointing this out.