User Guide: Clarify OSGi instructions wrt commas

Right after example 37.2, “Configuration of OSGi MANIFEST.MF file”, there is the following text:

The first argument of the instruction call is the key of the property. The other arguments form the value. They are joined by Gradle with the , separator. To learn more about the available instructions have a look at the BND tool.

Some sample instructions from the code sample are this:

instruction 'Private-Package',
instruction 'Bundle-Vendor', 'MyCompany'

I’m trying to make sense of “They are joined by Gradle with the , separator”. Clearly, there are commas separating the key from the value(s) in the Gradle code. In the resulting manifest, the key is followed by a colon, and the values come after that, with commas separating more than one value. What was meant by this statement?

Most likely that the values are separated by commas in the manifest.