Use /bin/sh instead of bash in "startScripts" generated by the "application" plugin


(Lucas Neiva) #1

The generated application start scripts use bash by default:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

Most of the time this is not much of a problem. But with the increasing benefits of cloud infrastructure and containerization, some systems are very stripped down and might not have bash installed.

A prominent example of this are the official Alpine-based Java Docker images.

Using #!/bin/sh by default would be a massive improvement for this set of growing use-cases. It would make the generated scripts even more useful.

(Lari Hotari) #2

@lneiva , there is a newer discussion Gradlew could be more portable if it didn't require bash about the same topic. Please contribute your feedback in that discussion.

(Lucas Neiva) #3

Thanks for informing me of the new thread. I will check it out.

We can close this discussion.