Unknown property 'config' for extension lombok

After upgrading lombok plugin, custom config is not working and facing below error.


Could not get unknown property 'config' for extension 'lombok' of type io.freefair.gradle.plugins.lombok.LombokExtension


buildscript {
   repositories { ... }
   dependencies {
      classpath 'io.freefair.gradle:lombok-plugin:'
allprojects {
   apply plugin: 'io.freefair.lombok'
   lombok.config['lombok.log.custom.declaration'] = 'com.example.log.Logger com.example.log.Logger.getLogger(TYPE)(TOPIC)'

Build is configured with below details

Gradle 7.4.2

That functionality of the plugin was deprecated and removed Lombok Config Block Deprecation / Removal · Issue #556 · freefair/gradle-plugins · GitHub

Thanks @Chris_Dore Do you have any recommendation on how to do it. Kind of an example ?

My understanding of the plugin is that it works with the standard lombok.config files.

What you likely want is a lombok.config file located in your project root that contains:

config.stopbubbling = true
lombok.log.custom.declaration = com.example.log.Logger com.example.log.Logger.getLogger(TYPE)(TOPIC)

Sure. I will check it. Thank you