Too many Gradle daemons lock the PMD reports

(Dimitar Dimitrov) #1

I am currently juggling Gradle wrapper pointing to 1.12 and local installation of Gradle 2.0.

I found that each one of them starts its own daemon, which I don’t mind, but then I tried to run:

‘gradlew check’ (Gradle 1.12)

and then

‘gradle clean’ (Gradle 2.0)

The ‘clean’ failed complaining that the PMD report files are locked.

Then I ran ‘gradlew --stop’ (killing the 1.12 daemon) and then again ‘gradle clean’ and it all worked.

It would be nice if the daemons released all locks once they have finished building.

Also may also make sense if a Gradle daemon detects that another incompatible daemon is already running, it would kill the old one. That behavior may need to be configurable in the case of build servers and such.

(Luke Daley) #2

Which report files exactly?

(Dimitar Dimitrov) #3

The locked file is ‘\build\reports\pmd\main.html’

While trying to reproduce, I noticed that in the description I have swapped the versions of the wrapper and the installed. It is the Gradle 1.12 wrapper that locks the files.