Specify update frequency

Specify update frequency

Hi Sirinath Could you please take a bit more time to elaborate any questions you have? A question like this is impossible for us to provide an answer for. Give us examples of what you’d like, what you’re trying to do, or what isn’t working as expected.

I want to only checkout snapshots one a day. I do not want to check for newer dependency it if locally exists. etc.

The builds are very slow and take hours. Is it because the dependencies are against the repositories?

It might be. You can use the profiling report to answer this question. Just run with ‘–profile’ and you’ll get a report in ‘build/reports/profile’. One of the pieces of information the report provides is how long dependency resolution is taking.

You should also try the 1.0-milestone-6 snapshot. It has many performance improvements relating to dependency management.

Is there way to stop checking for artifacts if a local repository has a copy

What I am looking for is more control on how dependencies are resolved.

I want to specify how often it tries to resolve a dependency. Trying to re-resolve releases does not make sense. Only snapshots need be re-resolved also not every time a build is run. This might be daily, weekly, monthly, or other custom duration.