Source for Hans' reference to 60k github repos building with Gradle?

Today I noticed the recorded presentation from Etienne and Hans at EclipseCon 2015 (at

At about 4 minutes in, Hans cited a statistic of 60k public github repos that build with Gradle. I can believe that,but I’d like to know how someone came up with that number. A few months ago I spent considerable time trying to get accurate numbers from Github for the same question. I even worked directly with a couple of Github engineers, who eventually concluded that the way searching is done on Github, it’s effectively impossible to get an accurate total count. If you’re using the public interface (and the engineers I talked to weren’t aware of any other interface that even they could use) the count will almost always be low, as the Github search algorithm intentionally stops searching for more occurrences after it uses an indeterminate amount of resources.

In short, if someone used the Github public interface to run that search, and came up with a count of 60k repos, the actual number is probably higher.

Note that to be fair, it’s best to search for “build.gradle” only in the root of the repo, instead of searching in the entire repo. The query can be refined to only look in the root dir of the repo.