Sonar-3.2 with gradle-1.2rc1: mssing classes for findbugs


i’m running the sonar plugin but it warns me about missing classes for findbugs (see below). Is there any mechanism to extend the classpath for the sonar run in order to add the requiered jars ?

gradle -info sonar {code} Execute Findbugs 2.0.0… Findbugs output report: <mypath_stripped>/findbugs-result.xml The following classes needed for analysis were missing:


org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder Execute Findbugs 2.0.0 done: 4484 ms Sensor FindbugsSensor done: 4611 ms Sensor JaCoCoSensor… {code}

I’ve run into this type of issue when I run ‘sonarAnalyze’ without also compiling my classes (i.e. ‘testClasses sonarAnalyze’. I haven’t looked into why the Sonar task doesn’t have a dependency on them.