Resend email verification message

This one is a little different, because I need forum help!

I signed up here a couple of weeks ago, and got the “Verify your email” message. Unfortunately, some content filter at my company ate the link, and transformed it into something that didn’t work, so I was unable to verify my email address. It seems the only side effect of this is that I don’t get emails when my posts get responses, but it’s a side effect I’d like to address. I can’t seem to find any “Resend the verification email” options. Does anybody know if this is possible? Or, should I just manually poll my questions for responses? Thanks!

Do you have the option to change your email in the user preferences at this point? Every email address change requires the same email verification. If you can change it, you can force receiving a new confirmation email by changing your email to a temporary address, confirming it, then changing it back.

If you don’t have another email for the temporary address, a random generated temporary disposable email service should work fine for this since you just need to get the one-time use link then immediately change it back.

That did the trick, thanks!