Removal of gradle-slacklog plugins and a hello plugin


I’d like to remove the following plugins from plugin portal:

  • fi.linuxbox.shrink
  • fi.linuxbox.fetch
  • fi.linuxbox.extract
  • fi.linuxbox.merge
  • fi.linuxbox.slacklog
  • fi.linuxbox.topic
  • fi.linuxbox.convert
  • fi.linuxbox.enrich
  • fi.linuxbox.hello

All except the last one came from a plugin bundle whose source code was at which I’ve already deleted. I’d like to remove them because they are not useful to anyone and they collide with my other slacklog projects ( and

The last on is just yet another hello world.

Can you help with this, please?


These plugins are now completely removed from the portal.


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