Remap with buildship 2.0

I would like to attach the source code of a JAR instead of attaching the JAR itself when importing the JAR source code.
In another words, I need a automated remap when importing the JAR source code.
Is it possible?
I’m not sure if i could explain myself but any other questions, I’ll reply as soon as i can.
English isn’t my main language, sorry about that.

Sorry I don’t understand. Could you explain with an example project or maybe a screenshot?

My project(project 1) use the JAR with name ‘test.jar’.
I generate this JAR from my other project (test).
Now I want to import my project (test) and I want that my ‘project1’ use as dependency the project ‘test’, not JAR.
Is it possible?

Yes, you can do this with composite builds. Have a look at the blog post we wrote last week.

It worked! Thank you so much!