Redirect --profile output

Is there anyway to influence the output folder into which the --profile option writes the results ? Now it seems to write
what i need is

giving me one folder with all the documentation in ${buildDir}/reports/*

will need to do same with javadocs and groovydocs API output too - well that’s the plan ;-}

Hello Jim
see this link for javadoc
this link for groovydoc

The 11.6.7. Profiling a build section of this link tells us that for ‘–profile’, the report is already generated in ’ build/reports/profile’ directory

Nice Francois -this will help beau coup and the java doc I did not know about, so will study that, thx

yes, you have directly the destinationDir attribute on both javadoc and groovydoc tasks

As i see it, to get that build report for
gradle --profile
this must be done from the command line of the project.

I’m looking to make ‘profile’ a requirement within my build.gradle script, something like:
defaultTasks ‘clean’, ‘build’, ‘apiIcons’, ‘profile’, ‘model’, ‘properties’

and other output from gradle help tasks projects,tasks,properties,etc as text or html output in my /build/docs or /build/reports folder.

This plugin does some of it: apply plugin: ‘project-report’

then i can publish every bit of doc. about this project’s build as part of our online website. KInda like ‘give them everything you know’. Is this a big deal ?