Qualifying name for maven-publish-auth plugin


I am using an external build script to contain all the common configuration and applying it then to the project specific build.
It’s a known limitation with gradle that to apply plugin in an external script, its full name needs to be specified.
I could find the qualifying name for maven-publish plugin (org.gradle.api.publish.maven.plugins.MavenPublishPlugin) but not able to find the same for maven-publish-auth plugin. Tried checking the source code as well, but no results.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

There is no maven-publish-auth plugin shipped with gradle. you should be able to authenticate when publishing with the normal maven-publish plugin.

Thanks for a quick reply.
Before going the external build script way, when the project specific build-script itself was self contained, I was using this plugin. Without it, the artefact was not getting published to remote repository.

Also, in current scenario (of using external build script without this plugin), the last task :publishMavenPublicationToInternalRepository is failing though settings.xml contain appropriate credentials.

May be I am missing some bit. Some more inputs would help.