Provide a default config file for checkstyle plugin

At the moment, if the user does not provide a config file the build will fail. We should provide a default.

Linked to GRADLE-2208.

This should be done for all plugins that need configuration files. CodeNarc is another good example of this.

Is it relevant task. I can implement it but I need your help in organization question. What I should make except write code and sign CLA. I have signed CLA.

Hi Maksym, the best thing to do is to send an email to gradle-dev and see if there’s an approach to fixing this and what your approach might be. I imagine it’ll involve something with TextResource

The checkstyle dependency now includes the Google style checker (along with Sun’s). I’d recommend making Google’s the default, e.g.

checkstyle.config = resources.text.fromArchiveEntry(configurations.checkstyleConfig, ‘google_checks.xml’)

Could you say, please, email address of gradle-dev?

I have read comments from gradle-dev and accept them. Could you help with next step? Will be enough just create some pull request?