Plugin reclaim request without response

I sent an email with a request to reclaim the golo plugin a couple of days ago via the contact form as per the plugin reclaim documentation and still haven’t received any response.

Can somebody please reclaim the plugin for me?

Hi Marcin,

We have this queued. It will happen in the next day or so. Thanks for your … patience :slight_smile:

That’s awesome, thanks.

Hopefully I won’t sound impatient, but would it be possible to get an estimate on this, please? It’s been over a week now…

@tomd according to our records, you have done this. Is this correct?

I sent an email to @erdi’s gmail email address (the one that he had on the request) on Jan 12 with reclaim instructions. Did you get it, Marcin?

Yep, I have it now, it somehow ended up in my spam folder.