Please provide a downloadable zip of the p2 repository

There are links for installing the plugin from an updatesite or market place,
but I would like to download the repo as a zip archive.
Most/many eclipse plugins provide both options, please can we have both for buildship.

I don’t see the benefit why should we expose an archived p2 repository. Can you please elaborate why do you need it? Anyway, if you need a local version you can always copy the repository with the org.eclipse.equinox.p2.artifact.repository.mirrorApplication.

I am using the wuff plugin for gradle to do the a build.
It cannot read a p2 repo, it needs a url to a zip file.

If you mirror the desired Buildship update site, you can then just zip it and use it from wuff.
There is a nice bog post explaining the steps you need for mirroring.