Pending Approval of plugins


I have published two plugins as a trial to check plugin coordinates and plugins’ application in consuming project. This version will be deleted and we will publish a release version. All our plugins will be under namespace com.medly which is our organization domain. If I need to take any step to prove ownership of domain, please let me know.

Also, if we add more plugin to same group, do i need to wait for approval of each?

PS: I have previously published plugins using my own domain com.kdabir

If we need to make any changes, please do let me know. It has been 5 days since the plugins are in “Pending Approval” state.

It has been 10 days without any update :frowning_face:

If these plugins cannot be approved, we might need to think of other strategies to publish plugins.

Hi Kunal,

Sorry for the delay.
Please check your email.