Pass commands to shell-program


I need to pass some commands to a shell-program which does not support parameter execution.
So I am starting the shell-program like this:

task startShell(type: Exec){
    workingdir "./"
    //commandLine 'cmd', '/c', 'shellprog.bat'
    commandLine 'cmd', '/c', 'anotherbat.bat'

Executing this task results in a shell-window being opened. In this window I want to enter “startappl[enter]” and “[enter]”.
Executing this task calls the shell program directly in the executing cmd-window of gradle. I still want to pass the commands “startappl[enter]” and “[enter]” to this program.

How can I do something like that?

Edit: I would be happy to have it working either way (shell in extra window or in the cmd-window).