Partition jars to the repo folder structue

I am trying to transition to Gradle and I want to take the following approach.

Since I come from ANT world, I have a folder with a bunch of jars.

I want to use some kind of a tool to partition the jars into the maven naming scheme

A few of the files I have are…


Now I want to partition them to the standard maven repo structure.

I am not sure which tool does this and I dont mind using a Repo Manager.

Can I please get some suggestions on this ? Is there a tool that can do this ? Do the Repo managers do this ?

If I am thinking thru this wrongly please correct me on that as well.

I appreciate your help.


Kindly help if you have gone thru this kind of a scenario.

The best way to do this is to use a repo manager such as Artifactory or Nexus. They can proxy the central repository.

You then need to, for each jar/dependency:

  1. Identify the group, name, version that is used in the public infrastructure (i.e. maven central), and use that in your build 2. If your dependency doesn’t exist in the public infrastructure, upload it to your repo manager.

I’m not aware of anything that automates this process.