Null pointer exception in gradle groovydoc plugin

I get a null pointer exception in gradle groovydoc plugin. With the following comment in a package-description.groovy file

  Short description.
Slightly longer description.
  <li><tt>{@link jervis.remotes.GitHub#getWebUrl()}</tt></li>
package jervis.remotes

This appears to have been fixed. An excerpt from #gradle on irc freenode.

00:16 < sag47> 00:16 < sag47> It happens consistently. 00:17 < sag47> 00:17 < sag47> There’s the actual error output I see. gradle has an exit code of 0. 00:18 < sag47> The documentation still generates it just stops attempting to generate once it hits that section and continues generating other docs. 00:20 < darylteo> this is a groovydoc issue 00:21 < darylteo> should have been fixed apparently ? 00:21 < darylteo> so might be there gradle hasn’t included this fix yet 00:26 < sag47> That issue seems to state it was fixed in groovydoc 2.1.2 and 2.2.0-beta. Ah that’s probably my problem then. 00:26 < sag47> 00:27 < sag47> This project is for generating Jenkins jobs and Jenkins embeds groovy 1.8.9. So therefore I’m sticking my code at that version unfortunately. 00:27 < sag47> I’ll just have to work around it and not link.