Noticable delay in page loads

When navigating around quickly, I experience a noticable delay of the page loads. I don’t think it is my network, pages from other sites come up fast.

I think if I spent considerable time in the forum, this would annoy me since it breaks the flow. Actually, it already bothers me a bit right now :wink:

It’s blazingly fast for me.

Can you please send me a HAR dump so I can see what’s being slow for you.

You’ll need to use FireFox, FireBug and NetExport.

Can you please email to me directly.

I am closing this one off as we haven’t had any other reports yet and I don’t have any data to go off.

Let me know if it’s still slow for you.

Hi Luke

I wanted to take the performance snapshot in Firefox for you and then I realized that the speed of the page loads is very decent. It seems that Safari 5.1 on Lion is the issue… Hence, I consider this issue resolved.

Ok cool.

Safari on Lion seems ok to me so I’m not sure what’s going on. If you’re happy though, then I’m happy :slight_smile: