Noob question on multi-project-/composite- builds

I just have a total noob question on the build-types of Gradle.

So, the user guide entry on multi-project builds doesn’t specify whether a multi-“project” is a module or a package.

My question hence is: What is, in Gradle parlance, a “project” and what is a “build” or a “composite” ?

Let’s say group-id and artifact-id are “com.example” together.

Creating a package is only possible when right-clicking on the ‘java’ folder…

When I try to create a sub-package by right-clicking on the ‘java’ folder from “//src/main/java/” and then New => Package, I give it the namespace com.example.math.

Problem: After creating the package, I am waiting for the magic to start - but IntelliJ is not creating either a Gradle standard directory layout (/math/src/main/java/) nor a build.gradle or settings.gradle. A package can only have another package as sub-“project.”

The relative path to the package in the system explorer then is just plain “//src/main/java/com/example/math”

The other option is to create a new module.

This is only possible when right-clicking on the main folder in the IntelliJ project explorer. When i do that, and the module-name is “server”, it does create a standard directory layout “//src/main/java”. It also does create a build.gradle. It only doesn’t create a settings.gradle.

Obviously I can’t give a class in it it a namespace “com.example.server.Class” because the directory-structure is “/server/src/main/java”.

So speaking of the directory in the filesystem, the module is on the same level as the “root project.” Only in the project-explorer in IntelliJ it is still under the root project.