Newbie Question: How to monitor gradle task status from PowerShell?

Apologies if this question is obvious. I searched but didn’t find anything that answered my question.
I execute gradle tasks through PowerShell and I want to monitor a task status to know when it’s running, build successful or failed.
How do I do this?
Thanks in advance.

The gradle process (or external process if gradle forked it) would be a running process on Windows and visible in task manager or when any command that lists running processes is executed. You could monitor for those in a second powershell window.

If you are using the Gradle Daemon, you might be able to use the statuses of those daemons to figure out whats going on.

If you excute a command in powershell as separate process from the powershell prompt, you should search for how to get the PID for that started process so you know exactly which process to monitor for when it stops, which would signal that gradle stopped.