Multi-Project (native) with Nexus-Dependency

(Bernd) #1

In a native C++ multi-project, I have module with the following project structure:

– demo
---- build.gradle
---- src
– library1
---- build.gradle -> upload to Nexus
---- src
– library2
---- build.gradle -> fetch dependency from Nexus, upload own lib
---- src

library2 depends on library1.
demo depends on library1 & library2.

The requested order is:

  1. build library1 and upload to Nexus
  2. build library2 and upload to Nexus
  3. build demo

It works, if I execute the build steps in the requested order.

Now I want to have a single build step for the whole module from scratch.
That does not work as libraries have configuration dependencies to Nexus-repo which is empty.

How can I instruct the build to first build library1 and upload it, if the dependency could not found?

What are our opinions about this approach?
(Think about of delivering a whole module including some subprojects to a customer. You want to give him one single command to build the whole application)

(Chris Doré) #2

Why spend the extra time going through a Nexus server when all the required binaries are already available locally?

(Bernd) #3

Because this library is also mandatory for other modules.
And they will fetch it from Nexus.

(Chris Doré) #4

IMO, usually one would only want to publish artifacts to a repository on demand (CI builds, developer explicitly does so for reasons XYZ). Are you saying that you want every single build that anyone performs to publish artifacts just so that a build can succeed, despite the fact that everything required is already available locally?

Sorry for all the questions, I just think this sounds like a terrible idea, but I want to make sure I’m understanding you correctly.