Missing play module documentation

Trying to use Play with gradle, I have some frustrations, opening a thread to add them as I go.

The Packaging documentation does not mention what parameters exist, e.g. to change the name of the rendered tar. It seems similar/same to the commong gradle distribution module, but I am not sure.

For running a packaged application, passing arguments to the generated shell scripts only works via environment variables as opposed to parameters viable for starter scripts generated via sbt. e.g. bin/myApp -Dconfig.resource=foo.conf -Dhttp.port=8080 will not work, have to do: PLAY_BINARY_OPTS=’-Dconfig.resource=foo.conf -Dhttp.port=8080’ ./playBinary

Next it is similarly very difficult to find out how to cleanly pass such arguments as config.resource=foo.conf to runPlayBinary.