Minor testing bug -- gradle unit tests fail if HipChat is running locally


(Abhishek Mukherjee) #1

So the gradle unit tests seem to have:

which, I assume translates to “make sure an error is thrown when connecting to localhost:12345”. wellll:

[amukherjee@chocobo ~/dev/tr/gradle]% ss -tlnp sport = :12345
State       Recv-Q Send-Q                                                            Local Address:Port                                                                           Peer Address:Port              
LISTEN      0      0                                                                                                                                                *:*                   users:(("HipChat.bin",pid=3141,fd=71))

This causes the unit test to fail since something is listening on the port. Specifically, the following two tests fail:

org.gradle.internal.remote.internal.inet.TcpConnectorTest > client throws exception when cannot connect to server FAILED
    org.spockframework.runtime.WrongExceptionThrownError at TcpConnectorTest.groovy:97

org.gradle.internal.remote.internal.inet.TcpConnectorTest > the exception includes last failure when cannot connect FAILED
    org.spockframework.runtime.WrongExceptionThrownError at TcpConnectorTest.groovy:109

Gradle Version: 3.0.0
Operating System: Linux (Arch)

(Stefan Wolf) #2

Good catch! I fixed this on Gradle master: https://github.com/gradle/gradle/commit/164f9747122f30ed80e6840441034e4691be5e39