List access isn't the artifact resolver you're looking for *waves hand*

So we host some artifacts here:

And typically, Gradle does a pretty good job pulling them down by retrieving this file: and then using it to determine what versions are available.

On rare occasions, though, it barfs completely, and says “Could not GET”. We monitor this endpoint, and it doesn’t have any downtime, and can’t provide list access (it’s just an s3 bucket). Ivy and Maven resolve it fine, FWIW, because they just look for the maven-metadata.xml file.

Is there any reason these occasional failures could be occurring?

Hi Jake, Do you have any debug output/stacktraces you could provide? Does it provide a HTTP status code? Thanks! -Sterling

I’ll try to dig one up and post back to you. Because it happens intermittently, it isn’t easy to grab via

./gradlew --debug > debug.log :slight_smile: