Ivx.xml 1.1 format corruption

(Kristian Rosenvold) #1

I have been tracking a very insidious issue; where our compilation would fail with a message like this:

Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ‘:system-test:compile’. > Could not resolve "grizzly-http-s:jena-iri:1.0.0.

The thing is that “grizzly-http-s” is the groupid of a different artifact than jena-iri, so there is a huge mixup happening somewhere.

That somewhere turns out to be the xerces parser included in the oracle jdk when using xml 1.1 format. The corruption we are experiencing is described in this blog post; https://community.oracle.com/thread/1626288

Technically it happens when the buffer in the xml parser is reloaded at the wrong time, which causes everything to go haywire. This would appear to happen only with xml 1.1 format.

I have looked at the source code of xerces (at apache) and there are changes in the code related to buffer reloading, so this issue may have been fixed at the source. Alternately it is probably a good fix to just downgrade the file format to xml 1.0, which does not suffer this kind of issue. I assume consistency is more important than support of particular control characters in the xml file.

(Luke Daley) #2

It’s already fixed for 1.11 - GRADLE-2987