Is it possible to mirror OpenJDK Toolchain in Nexus?

Is there any way possible to mirror the OpenJDK toolchains?

 java {
    toolchain {
        languageVersion = JavaLanguageVersion.of(11)
        vendor = JvmVendorSpec.ADOPTOPENJDK

This will go to adoptopenjdk and fetch the OpenJDK.
It will go through AdoptOpenJDK API, and then redirects to one of its mirror to download.

Could this be mirrored in Sonatype Nexus and to make Gradle fetch from there?

According to the documentation it seems possible to set an URL for a custom OpenJDK API host

By default, the public AdoptOpenJDK APIs are used to determine and download a matching JDK. In case you want to use another server that is compatible with v3 of the AdoptOpenJDK API, you can point Gradle to use a different host. For that you use the Gradle property as in the example below:

Then one just have to find out how to “mirror” AdoptOpenJDK.