Incorrect Mac OS version reported by gradle

I’m on Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.2 using Gradle 6.8.3.

gradle --version is reporting incorrect version for Mac OS

Last login: Sun Feb 28 07:32:43 on console
n002213f@~$ gradle -version -Dorg.gradle.debug=true

Gradle 6.8.3

Build time:   2021-02-22 16:13:28 UTC
Revision:     9e26b4a9ebb910eaa1b8da8ff8575e514bc61c78

Kotlin:       1.4.20
Groovy:       2.5.12
Ant:          Apache Ant(TM) version 1.10.9 compiled on September 27 2020
JVM:          1.8.0_282 (AdoptOpenJDK 25.282-b08)
OS:           Mac OS X 10.16 x86_64


My expectation was to see Mac OS X 11.2 x86_64

Gradle is reporting the os.version system property supplied by the JRE.

Here’s a related bug report in OpenJDK that describes your issue.