Include a custom plugin inside Android SDK

Dear all,

   I want to include a custom gradle plugin inside my Android SDK. And I need to know if it's possible? If yes, how do I do it? Please respond with references if possible.

   To give you more information, I have an Android SDK that uploads crash stack traces to my backend. And in a separate project, I have a custom gradle plugin that uploads Android mapping file to my backend. I want to consolidate the 2 projects into 1. Hence, I need to include the custom gradle plugin inside my SDK, and whoever uses my SDK needs to be able to execute my custom plugin.

   To summarize, how do you include a custom gradle plugin inside an Android SDK, then Android App that implements SDK can execute my custom gradle plugin.

Many thanks!

What do you mean by your “Android SDK”? That’s a specific term that refers to the SDK you downloaded from Google, not something you make.

Dear Noah,

  Thanks for the quick reply, sorry I wasn't expecting anyone to answer this question.

  What I meant by "Android SDK" was a SDK we make ourselves for host Android app to use.

  Like Crashlytics's Android SDK, you specify to download their Android SDK in gradle like:
classpath ''
  Then you will get everything in the aar file. Their gradle plugins, and SDK in one place.