In composite build how to get build artifacts from included builds in root project

Hi, I got a naive question about composite build: how can I get the build artifact (.aar, .jar, etc) from an included build in root project? For example, I have a root project named A, and a project will be included in a composite build by A, which named B. B is a Android Library and will produce a .aar archive. A also has many other runtime dependencies. A has a task to collect build artifacts of runtimeClasspath configuration, however the task cannot find B in the runtimeClasspath configuration.

// setttings of A
// core code of the task collecting runtime configuration in A
ConfigurableFileCollection getBuildArtifacts() {
    return variant.getRuntimeConfiguration()
            .artifactView {
                attributes {
                    it.attribute(artifactType, 'aar')

How can I get the build artifact produced by B in A’s task?

What I tried so far

I know included builds do not share configuration so I cannot get archives by configuration, which can be done in multiple-project build like this:

def buildArtifacts = project.files()
project.subprojects.each { p ->

I wonder if there’s a similar API for composite build? I found includedBuild, which can get projectDir of each included builds, then I can access the .aar in output folder by hardcode. However I don’t think it’s a good idea since the path of .aar file may change.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.