Importing a project with custom configurations for dependency management

One of the proprietary project I’m working with has custom dependency configuration which is exposed from a plugin that we use. When importing this project in Eclipse the dependencies which are defined with those custom configurations are not added into Eclipse classpath. This works fine in IntelliJ.

eclipse {
		classpath {
				plusConfigurations += [ configurations.itImplementation]
				plusConfigurations += [ configurations.itRuntime]

Tried doing the above in the module, but it doesn’t help.

@donat I see that you have answered a similar question here Creating a Custom Buildship Configuration for Android.

I tried adding the eclipse.classpath.plusConfigurations which didn’t work. Do you think I need to use the ProjectConfigurator extension for this ?

Or can we introduce a generic ProjectConfigurator to support custom configuration scopes which are extended from know scopes such as api, implementation, testCompile etc ?


I don’t think you need a plugin for this. In fact, your initial solution (i.e. using eclipse.classpath.plusConfiguration) should work. I’d need more context to analyze the problem. Could you please create a minimal sample project exhibiting the problem and send it to me?