How to suppress gradle internal log messages at info and debug levels?

I’m using gradle to build distributable content. In this context, I need to have output that focuses on the domain messages, not gradle internals messages. I want to be able to increase the log level in my code, without burying it in the subsequent increases in gradle internal logging when -i or -d are used.

Is there anything like a log facility where in addition to log levels there’s a facility selection that filters logging on a different axis than simply log levels?

I posted a related question here, but after playing with gradle for longer I have a clearer idea of what I need now. It’s not a matter of changing levels by lifecycle, it’s something that requires a different filtering axis than just severity.

Unfortunately there is no way to do this right now.

Would you be interested in helping to improve this area and make it possible?

I may be able to spend some time on this. Any pointers on where to start?

This topic likes 1 year old. How it goes now. I am currently in this situation.