How to resolve error 112 using ssh plugin?

I am able to connect, put and get files using the ssh task with this plugin. However when I issue a command to a invoke a specific .exe the task fails due to an error return code of 112. Issuing the same command using ssh in a command window succeeds. Issuing commands to other executables using the gradle ssh task succeeds.

The return code could be too much space on the disk (there’s plenty of space).

Or it could be “No Key Exchange Algorithm”. The known_hosts file used by the gradle script uses rsa. The known_hosts file used by the command window uses ecdsa. Swapping in the ecdsa for the gradle script results in a key authentication error thrown right away. I don’t know if this is the problem or a red herring, Since I can do everything else I’m pretty sure that’s not it.

The remote machine is windows using cygwin, 64-bit.

Thanks. Chuck

Another thing I tried. I created a batch file on the remote machine to issue the command instead. Once again, executing that batch file failed when using a gradle ssh task with return code 112, but succeeded when executed from a command window ssh session.