How to handle complex coldfusion project?

Hi, I’m trying to wrap my head around a complex Coldfusion project I want to automate.

The project is made of a huge number of sub-modules, which have to be checked out from CVS and “restructured” in the final structure for deployment.

├── build
│   └── target
│       └── customer_1
│           ├── customer_1_web
│           │   ├── client
│           │   └── core
│           └── customer_1_cflib
│               ├── module_1_1
│               ├── module_1_2
│               ├── module_1_3
│               ├── module_2_1
│               └── module_2_2
└── src
    ├── customer_1
    │   ├── group_1
    │   │   ├── module_1_1
    │   │   ├── module_1_2
    │   │   └── module_1_3
    │   └── group_2
    │       ├── module_2_1
    │       └── module_2_2
    └── customer_2
        ├── group_1
        │   ├── module_1_1
        │   ├── module_1_2
        │   └── module_1_3
        └── group_3
            └── module_3_1

Here an example of the structure I’m trying to manage. Consider that “customers” can potentially be 200, and each “customer” can have a different version of the about 50 modules available.

What I need is to have the “customers” in the src folder to be “managed” and be assembled as in the tree visible in the build/target folder.

But, it does not seems ideal to me, for example because keeping everything in the same bucket would result in a very huge project.

So, I’m thinking about how I can change my gradle project structure and split things up.

What I’m thinking about is to invert the concept, so I don’t have a single project with all my customers, but a different project for each one, and transfer all the “knowledge” about my modules in a configurable plugin,
so that I can create a build and say:

“For this customer you need this modules, with this versions.”

Also, I’d make every module a gradle subproject, so that each one will know how to assemble itself.

In the end I’ll have a gazilion projects, but probably everything should be more sane and manageable.

Does it make sense, or you have some better idea?