How to determine inter-dependencies in separate Gradle projects

Gradle newbie here, actually I probably have not even reached the rank of newbie yet. However, I’ve been tasked by my team to determine if there is some sort of “find usages” functionality that can be used between separate, independent Gradle projects?

Currently we have a Maven project made up of several modules. Our plan is to break each module out into it’s own git repo and convert to Gradle. Each newly converted Gradle project will have one or more dependencies on the others. If one of the projects is modified, is there an automated way to list all the projects that depend on this modified project? If not, any suggestions on how to accomplish this would be appreciated.

If all your project will live on separate (git) repositories, one of your best option is to publish artifacts (eg to a maven repo) for each project whenever it changes.
When the other project are built, they will look for the provided dependency in your maven repo.
You can use dynamic versioning as well when declaring your dependencies.
This is actually what we do at work.

I recommend reading the ‘dependency management’ and the ‘ivy publish /maven publish’ sections of the user guide.

Feel free to ask for any precision before stepping to the marvelous world of gradle :smile:

Thank you for your reply. We are publishing the changed artifacts to our repo but that did get me thinking. We use archiva for our repository and it has a “Used By” tab. I know that archiva offers some REST apis. Maybe there is one I can leverage to automate the process.

Thanks again.