How to create an empty fileTree?

I want to init a source property of my task with an empty file tree. How can I do this?

task myBaseTask() {
    ext.source = fileTree()

I use now:

ext.source = fileTree{}

But this produce 2 warnings: fileTree(Closure) has been deprecated and is scheduled to be removed in Gradle 2.0. Use fileTree((Object){ baseDir }) to have the closure used as the file tree base directory.


Converting class java.util.Collections$EmptyMap to File using toString() method has been deprecated and is scheduled to be removed in Gradle 2.0. Please use, java.lang.String,, or instead.

Do you have some other suggestions?

A FileTree must have a base directory. If you know what the base directory will be (or should default to), then you can use

ext.source = fileTree(<baseDir>)

If you don’t know the directory, then I’d need to know your use case before I could suggest a better option.

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The use case is to add the directories/files later in other tasks in other files.

apply from: "/gradle/base.gradle"
  task xyz() {
    myBaseTask.source += fileTree(....)
  task abc() {
    myBaseTask.source += fileTree(....)

So do you know the base directory of “source”? Or does the user need to configure it explicitly?

No, I does not know one of the base directories.

It is like the copy task. The copy task self does not know the base directory. Only with a later using the base directory will be set.

Well I don’t know how to achieve that. Maybe somebody else can help out?

Ok, I have find a solution that does not produce any warnings.

ext.source = fileTree( 'directory does not exists' )

But it is very ugly.